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מערכת תופים ג'וניור 5 חלקים LJR106 WR Ludwig


מערכת תופים ג'וניור 5 חלקים LJR106 BK

Ludwig LJR106 Junior Drum Kit

Includes all hardware including cymbals, pedal, and throne
The Ludwig LJR106 Junior Drum Set lets you start 'em out early! The new LJR1064 features and bold new Wine Red finish and comes complete with throne and hi-hat stand. When Ludwig says complete, they mean it! This set also comes with the cymbals pictured, a bass drum pedal and all heads.

Technical Info


10x16 in. Bass Drum with Double Tom Holder

10x13 in. Floor Tom with legs

5x10 in. Tom with mount

5x8 in. Tom with mount

4x12 in. Snare with strainer

Bass drum pedal

Snare stand

Cymbal Stand with cymbal (free standing)

Hi-Hat Stand with hi-hats

Drum throne


7 Business days if available in stock
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