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פסנתר חשמלי 88 קלידים ARTESIA

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Technical Specs

88 קלידים שקולים

פסנתר חשמלי חדש מבית Artesia

The Artesia PE-88 is a fully featured portable 88-key digital piano with versatility and a rich sound.

The Artesia PE-88 is the perfect solution for when you need a full-size 88-key keyboard but have to be able to transport it, too. Great for piano students, stage and studio use, schools, theatres and houses of worship, with all the elements you need for any situation or event.

Artesia PE-88 Ensemble Mobile Digital Piano

Both versatile and mobile, the Arteisa PE-88 88 key Digital Piano offers a lot of creativity in a sleek, contemporary light weight cabinet. It is full of built-in features that enable you to play any piece and sound great.

Responsive Feel

The semi-weighted action and velocity sensitive keyboard brings the feel of an acoustic piano to your fingertips. The advanced action design offers dynamic response and smooth play-ability. It is also possible to change the key sensitivity to play more comfortably with a soft or harder touch. There are 3 different velocity touch settings to help satisfy every style of practice or performance. Split, layer, and lesson modes allow players to configure the keyboard for creative or instructional use. The included music stand means no more fussing with loose sheet music.

Dynamic Sound

The three layered sample Grand Piano voice is deep and expressive while the remaining 136 3D and Stereo instrument voices ensure that you have at your fingertips the proper sound for any occasion. Recorded from acoustic instruments, the Artesia PE-88 offers 3 layer and 3D sampling with acoustic Supra Sound sample processing. It’s 3 layer Supra Sound sample gives a beautiful depth and expression of an acoustic grand piano. There are also 136 other instrument samples such as EPiano, Harp, Vibes, NGuitar, Organ, Strings, Bass and many more. The feature packed PE-88 satisfies for all levels from studio to stage and beyond.

Compatible with music apps


Artesia Keyboards are compatible with the latest software and music apps including all major D.A.W. (Digital Audio Workstation) software. Simply connect the included USB cable to connect  your laptop, tablet or smartphone; setup is fast and easy. You can use the USB connection to control virtual instruments and other music software applications including sequencing, notation and recording programs. Additional ports include Aux In, Aux Out, Headphone jacks and more.


  • Keyboard: 88 semi-weighted velocity-sensitive keys
  • Voice: 12 Layered Acoustic Realism Instrument Samples
  • Polyphony: 64 Note Polyphony with sound effects active
  • Speakers: 10W x 4
  • Controls: Master Volume, Demo, Reverb, Chorus, Metronome
  • Voice Control: Layer, Layer Level, Keyboard sensitivity, Tuning
  • Touch Sensitivity: low, Normal, or  High
  • Metronome: On/off, Level, Time signature
  • Tempo: 20-280
  • Pedal Response: Sustain
  • Effect: Reverb, Chorus
  • Demo Songs: 12
  • Connectors: USB to Host, Sustain Pedal, Line Out L/R, 1/4″ Headphone, DC 12V Power
  • Power: adapter, battery
  • Packaged Dimensions: 58″ x 14″ x 15″
  • Shipping Weight: 22lbs



  • Sustain Pedal
  • Music Rack
  • Manual
  • Power Adapter


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